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Surgery Information
Operation Arthroscopy

Operation Arthroscopy’s inaugural conference in Vietnam took place in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) on Oct 12-16th 2009. The conference was very well received. We performed numerous lectures at 2 hospital systems and performed a total of 11 surgical cases. We brought donations, including an arthroscope, arthroscopic implants, a shaver system and a complete camera system.

The conference consisted of lectures, an arthroscopic skill lab and surgical cases.

The co-organizer of the conference was Dr. Anh Nguyen, a 38 yo orthopedic surgeon from Saigon, who was able to spend time with Dr. Stetson in the past. Dr. Nguyen is very enthusiastic about shoulder arthroscopy and has formed the Saigon Arthroscopy club to help his fellow orthopedic surgeons attempt to increase their level of proficiency and knowledge.

Vietnam faces many of the same challenges that we have seen in Cuba, especially: 1. The cost of orthopedic implants 2. lack of educational opportunities, 3. lack of a hierarchical mentoring system. Many local surgeons are performing knee arthroscopy and several are performing ACL reconstructions, but very few have experience in arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction.   In this country of 85 million people, there are less than 10 who perform any type of arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Those that are performing shoulder arthroscopy, have had to travel abroad to gain the necessary experience. The ability for most Vietnamese surgeons to travel abroad is limited due to prohibitive financial costs.

Our hosts were very gracious and enthusiastic. The local surgeons are very anxious for us to return in the future.

Sean O. Rassman, MD


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